Croatia is a country of rich cultural heritage and gastronomy, a country which is colourful, beautiful and hospitable. Croatia's islands, bays and clear water on the Mediterranea coast are paradise for sun worshippers and water sport entusiasts. The coast is perfect for a active holiday with swimming, sailing and diving. At the same time the mainland offers great variety. The national parks in this country appeal to climbers, trekkers and cyclist. Croatia's country side is beautiful and if history is what you are after, you will not be disappointed. Throughout the country there are monuments to its thousand year old culture. A trip to Croatia will be a mixture of relaxation, culture, fun and activity. It is therefore no surprise that Croatia's holiday apartments and holiday homes are among the Mediterranean's most popular.

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Romans, Turks and Hapsburgs have all left their mark on Croatia’s culture. There is a cultural heritage ranging from antiquity to classical, from baroque to renaissance.
The Adriatic sea cradled an ancient culture, which has gradually been revealed through cultural treasures discoverd both in caves and on the bottom of the ocean. Croatia’s culture can be traced right back to the stone age (evidence has been discoverd in caves on the islands of Hvar and Palagruza).
As early as the 6th Century BC the Greeks settled in Croatia, an advantageous point for trade with the Illyrians. Evidence of this period is the towns Pharos and Issa, now known as Starigrad and Vis on the islands of Hvar and Vis.
Then came the Romans, not only building palaces and summer residences, but also developing the marine traffic. This has been proved by many submarine discoveries. All over the seabed, from Pula to Cavtat, divers have come across the remains of ancient shipwrecks and ship’s cargoes.
The Croat and other slavic tribes arrived in what is today Croatia and Bosnia in the 7th Century. The Croats organized into two dukedoms: the Panonian duchy in the north and the Dalmatian duchy in the south. The Christianization of the Croats ended in the 9th Century.
The first native Croatian ruler recognized by a Pope was duke Branimir, whom Pope John VIII caled dux Chroatorum in 879. The first king of Croatia Tomislav was crowned in 925. Tomislav united the Panonian and Dalmatian duchies and created a sizeable state. He defeated Bulgarian Tsar Symeon I in one of the greatest battles in history – battle of the Bosnian Highlands. The medieval Croatian kingdom reached its peak during the reign of king Petar Krešimir IV.
Following the dissaperance of the major native dynasty, by the end of the 11th Century in the battle of Gvozd Mountain the Croats recognized the Hungarian ruller in a treaty of 1102 (the Pacta Conventa traety). Slavery began a new period in Croatia’s history, characterized by constant struggles against tyranny and defense against variety of enemies.
In the 18th Century Napoleon ruled, but was replaced shortly afterwards by Austria. In the course of the next century Austria and Italy battled for dominance of the east coast of the Adriatic sea, culminating in “Viska bitka”, the battle of Vis, in 1866. There are many remains from this famous period on the mainland, but also at the bottom of the ocean in the forms of wrecks and the remains of ship’s cargoes. Next came the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy. Harbours and breakwaters were strengthened, trade and ship building flourished.
During the two world wars the Adriatic sea was one of the most important battlegrounds, also evident from a vast number of wrecks.

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1AMVM - 001 - Medulin

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1AMPM - 138 - Medulin

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